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Available from 12+ weeks (optimum time is 26-32 weeks)

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A magical opportunity using the latest technology to meet and bond with your unborn miracle, sharing with friends and family. Our HD Live Scan can be taken anytime from 12+ weeks.

The is an abdominal scan. An improvement on 3D imaging using state of the art technology to create skin tones, shadows and clearer images – HD Live. The best time to attend is usually between 26-32 weeks of pregnancy. Although anytime before your baby’s head is engaged in the pelvis is suitable.

Whats included:

  • Available from 12+ weeks (optimum time is 26-32 weeks)
  • Latest amazing HD Live technology
  • Allow 45 mins for appointment
  • 10 mins scan time
  • Visualise heartbeat & wellbeing report
  • Giant viewing screens
  • x2 prints to take home
  • x2 photo keyrings
  • Digital transfer of all movies and images from your scan
  • Choice of photo frame
  • Large heartbeat bear
  • FREE Re-scan if required
  • Full bladder required: No

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