Reassurance Scan


Available from 7/8+ weeks (up to 38 weeks)

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Due to current COVID 19 crisis we can only allow one person to attend your scan with you. We are also performing a cashless service to avoid unnecessary contact and to keep social distancing. Therefore all scans must be paid for in full online.

Our reassurance 2D Scan can be taken anytime from 7/8+ weeks (from the first day of your last period).
The is an abdominal scan and is in black and white (2D).
Choose a date to see available times.

  • Available from 7/8+ weeks (up to 38 weeks)
  • No re-scans available on this scan
  • 10 mins scan time
  • Allow 45 mins for appointment
  • Giant viewing screens
  • Download of ALL images from scan
  • Gender determination (from 15 weeks)
  • Visualise heartbeat & wellbeing
  • Dating by measurements
  • FULL bladder required before 10 weeks
  • All scans performed by fully trained sonographers

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