Gender Reveal Scan


Available from 15+ weeks…

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A magical opportunity using the latest technology to meet and bond with your unborn miracle, sharing with friends and family.

The is an abdominal scan. We all love a secret gender or to be part of a gender reveal party.  We can keep everything a secret (even in the scan room if you let us know in advance) or just let those in the room know. However you want to organise it is up to you.  Just let us know on arrival.

Whats included:

  • Available from 15+ weeks
  • Allow 45 mins for appointment
  • 10 mins scan time
  • Visualise heartbeat & wellbeing
  • Peek in HD Live
  • Giant viewing screens
  • x1 colour print
  • Digital transfer of images and movies included
  • x1 additional secret gender photo and card
  • x2 Team ‘pink’ or team ‘blue’ wristbands (secret)
  • Secret confetti bomb or GIANT balloon (pink or blue)
  • FREE Re-scan if required
  • Scratch cards £2, Smoke bombs £15

    Full bladder required: No

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