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Available from 12+ weeks (optimum time 26-32 weeks)

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A magical opportunity to meet and bond with your unborn miracle, sharing with friends and family. Our 3D/4D Scan can be taken anytime from 12+ weeks.
The is an abdominal scan. 4D is the moving 3D image. The primary purpose of the scan is to check the wellbeing.
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  • Available from 12+ weeks (optimum time 26-34 weeks)
  • Allow 45 mins for appointment
  • 10 mins scan time
  • Giant viewing screens
  • x2 colour photos to take home
  • Digital transfer of all images from the scan additional £10
  • Visualise heartbeat, wellbeing
  • Dating by measurements
  • FREE Re-scan if requiredFull bladder required: No
    When paying for a scan please be mindful that you are paying for appointment time with a Sonographer, not for perfect images. Sadly we cannot guarantee perfect images if your baby does not wish to be seen. We will offer a free re-scan if appropriate where possible to ensure we try our hardest to provide the best images we can.
    Drinking well in the weeks before your scan can really help the clarity of your images and ensure you and baby are well hydrate.


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Corona Update 5/1/2020

We are remaining open in this National Lockdown and adopting safety measures throughout our studios. On arrival we will take your temperature and ask that you sanitise. Masks are also mandatory for over 11’s. You are permitted to bring only 1 person to the scan with you from the same household. If you are feeling unwell prior to your scan please contact us and do not attend. The primary purpose of all our scan packages is the protection and maintenance of the health of mother and baby. We cannot offer rescans sadly as the primary purpose for the scan will no longer be wellbeing.

Can all ladies being scanned wear a mask to protect our sonographers as well as yourself. Everyone else will be expected to wear masks as per government guidelines.

NB: this is subject to change. Keep safe xx