Gender Scan


Available from 15+ weeks. 15 mins scan time, allow 45 mins for appointment.

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Our 2D gender scan offers you the answer to the most frequently asked question, is it a girl or a boy? Our 2D gender Scan can be taken anytime from 15+ weeks. This is an abdominal scan and is primarily in black and white (2D for clarity).

What included:

  • Available from 15+ weeks
  • 2D scan with peek in 3D
  • 10 mins scan time
  • Wellbeing check, visualise heartbeat
  • Allow 45 mins for appointment
  • Giant viewing screens
  • x1 print to take home
  • Digital transfer of images and movies included
  • FREE Re-scan if required
  • Add a gender bomb, smoke bomb, balloon or heartbeat bear

    Full bladder required? No
    Drinking well in the weeks before your scan can really help the clarity of your images and ensure you and baby are well hydrated.

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