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Available from 15+ weeks. 15 mins scan time, allow 45 mins for appointment.

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Our 2D gender scan offers you the answer to the most frequently asked question, is it a girl or a boy? Our 2D gender Scan can be taken anytime from 15+ weeks. This is an abdominal scan and is primarily in black and white (2D for clarity). Also we can keep a secret if you don’t want to find out on the day.  Our bespoke gender surprise envelope and card is only £4.50 if you wish to add on the day.

What included:

  • Available from 15+ weeks
  • 2D scan (black and white)
  • 10 mins scan time
  • Wellbeing report
  • Allow 45 mins for appointment
  • Giant viewing screens
  • x2 prints to take home
  • FREE Re-scan if required
  • Full bladder required? No.
  • NB: Rescans must be taken within 10 days of the original booking and are only available for selected times.
  • Additional gender items available include:
  • Smoke bombs £15
  • Giant gender balloons £15
  • Standard canon £10 (30cm)
  • Large gender canon £15 (65cm)
  • Scratch cards £3
  • Gender reveal candles £8

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