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Paint your own Pottery


We stock a large range of pottery bisque to provide another skin safe alternative for capturing those hand and foot prints or just having some painting fun.
We provide support and sometimes inspiration for perfect gifts and keepsakes for family, friends and special occasions.
Tell me more…..
Come along and look through our many many designs or come along with your own design and we will support where needed to take handprints and footprints.  We provide all the paint, brushes an everything needed for your masterpiece.  There is no need to be crafty or good at painting!
Pop along and paint…
You can just come along to our Coventry studio and choose your item to peacefully sit and paint at your convenience or you can book an appointment and we will be here waiting to help you.


Once painted.
When you have finished your item we will complete with any additional decoration you require, glaze and kiln fire your item to over 1000 degrees.  This means that once out of the kiln you will be able to use your item like any other ceramic item in your house. (see care of my item)


We allow a 14 day turnaround from painting to collecting.


This service is available in our Coventry and Tamworth studio.


Care of my pottery
Once glazed your pottery can be washed like any other item, although the dishwasher is best avoided.
Feel free to eat and drink from your item accordingly. Do not use in the microwave.
Frost is a killer of pots so please be wary of those cold nights if you are using your pottery outside.


Visiting groups, Childrens centres, play groups, cubs, beavers, brownies…….


We love to be out and about visiting and working in the surrounding areas so if you have a bustling group and would like us to come along to offer another dimension with some pottery painting or keep sake making then please give us a call.  We don’t charge to visit groups but we do ask that there will be an estimated spend of around £100.
Our prices start from just £5 and we have lots to offer many different groups.  Please give us a cal or email to find out more.