The end of pregnancy is getting closer, time to ensure you are organised...

TENs hire

TENs hire for Labour £22

Drug Free pain relief in labour?

By now you are thinking about your pain relief options in labour. We can offer you the Obi TENs  machine for only £22 for a 6 week hire.  Obstetric TENs machines can offer a great amount of relief in labour.  Using water based electrode pads placed on your back they distract and help your body to produce endorphins (natural pain relievers)

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Water birth

Thinking about a Water birth?

You should now be thinking about the best place to give birth.  You may have decided on your chosen hospital? Your home? or even a birthing centre.  If you would like to purchase a birth pool then please give us a call as we always have one in stock.  We can also offer lots of helpful advice professionally and personally as within the PAS team we have experienced 8 water births!

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Baby Position

Reassurance Scan for positioning

Although for the best images we don’t recommend leaving your scan as late as this we can often still achieve great images as late as 36 weeks! Although a little squishy.

We can also offer reassurance, bonding and breech determination.

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Bump casts

Bump Cast.

What better way to remember your pregnancy form than a ‘bump cast’. A simple process involving us taking a cast of your pregnant form.  We can then seal the cast and you can decorate yourself or we can decorate for you in your chosen design, it could even match the nursery!

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