Here are some helpful thoughts for the next few weeks...

Is it a girl or a boy?

gender scan

Gender scans are available at all of our studios.

A 2D scan at only £49 determines the gender of your miracle.

However if you just want to meet baby then we can scan without seeing gender!

Click here to book your scan

In your own home...

pregnanct women

Now is the time to start to think about booking your antenatal classes.

The good news is that we offer our Antenatal Education classes in your own home.

We recommend you attend sometime after 25 weeks but before 37 weeks.

We have a range of options available for you.

To find out more click here

Feeding your baby...


We are sure that by now you are thinking about how you are going to feed your baby.

We can offer non biased advice for great and bottle feeding.

We can also offer FREE support and home visits via our TLC breastfeeding network in selected areas.

For more information click here

  • S Eldridge

    Meet my miracle have helped make this pregnancy so special. From my reassurance scan at 8 weeks to my gender scan at 16 then a wonderful HD live at 24 weeks it’s been amazing. I don’t think I can stay away until its baby photoshoot & cast time so I’ll be back for another HD before Xmas. Love this place
  • L Marshall

    Had a fantastic experience today. Your staff are friendly, welcoming, patient (when little man hides his face) and professional. I would recommend your services in a heartbeat. The setting for your studio also adds to what was a very special experience for me 🙂 i’m sure we’ll be back for baby photobooth when the little man arrives. Thank you so much x
  • N West

    I attended with my nana and mum and it was the best experience to date .. The staff were wonderful and went above and beyond to make it special for us.. Highly recommend and will be back for baby’s new born first photos thanks you massively xxx
  • A Harden

    I’ve had two scans with meet your miracle and both were the most wonderful experience. The staff are all so welcoming and friendly. I love the scan room. It’s so big and was lovely to accommodate my husband and my two children last week for our HD live scan. Such a wonderful experience which I have told so many people about. Can’t recommend you guys enough! Thank you
  • L Morrisons

    We’ve had a fantastic day today at Meet your Miracle. This was a surprise organised by the paternal grandparents for a chance to meet our miracle twins! Staff were super friendly, very calm and patient – they persevered despite my girls being tightly snuggled in to one another and managed to get some beautiful images, as well as making the experience very personable and relaxed. We also had two teddies with the twins’ heart beat recordings in – something I’ve never come across before and will cherish for a very long time! They’re fantastic quality and such a wonderful keepsake from such a special day. Thank you for such a wonderful experience, I look forward to being back in the future to take advantage of your beautiful personalised products.
  • Y Robinson

    had a gender scan a few days ago and the baby had cord between legs and legs crossed however the staff were so patient and finally helped me find out I was having a little boy going way above their job description to make sure we left happy I definatley recommend the Tamworth branch I went to, I’ve been to other private scan clinics and they did not match the service we received at Tamworth meet your miricle x thank you very much x
  • C Stevenson

    Wouldn’t recommend anywhere else for baby related services. The staff are incredible, very warming and welcoming. The ultrasound team are great with offering anything you ask of them. Big props to the Photoshoot team, to get our beautiful daughter her pictures was a little challenge but couldn’t ask for a better set of ladies to get our amazing pictures. Reccomended for anyone needing scans, photo shoots, and other services!
  • J Sweet

    Came to meet your miracle four times, gender scan, 3d/4d, & HD live. Absolutely incredible. All staff so very welcome, really lovely friendly homely place, everybody is so nice and they all go the extra mile to make your experience extra special. On my HD live scan we could only get a few snaps of my daughter as she was hiding & all snuggled up, so they offered to come back for a free scan and got some amazing images! Really couldn’t recommend here enough! Xx
  • S Fryer

    Throughout my pregnancy i had several scans done at Meet your miracle and each and every time their service was outstanding, always made to feel welcome and the staff always done anything they could to help.. also the prices of the scans are affordable and cheaper than most places. All the staff are lovely and its a lovely place to go.. would highly reccomend their services! Amazing!
  • J. Murray

    So pleased with the HD live 4D scan we had on Saturday, it was so clear. Got to see our baby properly for the first time (28 weeks), even saw her open her eyes and yawn a few times. Did a lot of research about the different similar types of companies offering 4D scans before booking with Meet your miracle Tamworth. Meet your miracle seemed to be able to get the best quality images – I’m positive we made the right choice using them. We paid extra for the USB containing videos and some prints; something to treasure forever. Highly recommend them x