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Life Casting -Product


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We are happy to cast anything!  Available from birth up to any age life casting can capture some of the most precious moments in all walks of life.

We use skin safe, natural products whilst creating an exact replica of your baby’s, pets, family members hands and/or feet.

Tell me more…
When completing a a life casting session our priority is your comfort. All our products are safe to use from birth upwards.
During the session.
  • Please do not wear your best clothes to the session.  Although all our products wash out we would not want to make you a pile of washing!
  • We will provide you with an apron or protective sheets. Dependant on what is being cast you might be asked to apply some vaseline, oil or just warm water prior to the commencement of the cast
  • The process may be completed in the standing position or seated depending on the type of cast.
  • Once everyone in the party is ready we will begin mixing the powders and commence the cast, the liquid will be cool to the touch.  Once you have inserted your hand/foot it is important to keep as still as possible.
  • On some rare occasions the cast does not take well enough for our high standards and we will contact you to return and repeat.
  • The cast takes around 2 weeks to dry fully.  We then begin the finishing and mounting process. In total from cast to completion we are looking at around 4 weeks.
  • Allergies – Our product very rarely causes any reaction as is commonly used in the mouth but if you are prone to reactions please inform us so we can perform a skin test prior to the booking.


Baby Casts
  • For children under 3 years it is advisable to bring a comforter, toy or distraction, we are happy for you to feed too. I am afraid sometimes small baby’s don’t like the shock of the cooler water and this may provoke a small cry which will hopefully subside.
To think about:
  • What kind of design or hold of the hands would you like?
  • Do you want them framed or mounted on a plaque?
  • What colour frame? Colour of mount? Colour of casts?
  • Would you like a name plaque? what style of writing? colour?


We can also take full hand holding family casts, wedding casts, christening casts… even little bottom casts!

Single cast £45 (under 1 year)
Double cast £75 (Under 1 year)
Single cast £55(over 1 year)
Double cast £85 (Over 1 year)
Quadruple cast £180
Family ring of 4 £220
We welcome any combination and are always up for a challenge so please get in touch with your ideas.