What qualifications do you hold?

All our ultrasound technicians have received professional training in ultrasound as well as attending courses at the London Collage of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the University of Sheffield.

When is the best time for a 3D/4D/HD scan?

We have advised the preferred number of weeks of pregnancy for you to attend your scan based on achieving the best images. We are happy to scan anytime from 12+ weeks to birth, but cannot always get great images due to ‘head down’ position, engaged baby, reduced fluid and it generally being more squishy!

For the best “chubby face” images we recommend 24 – 32 weeks. However a bonding experience can be taken anytime.

Is ultrasound safe?

Yes. Ultrasound technology was introduced over 30 years ago since then there has been no evidence to suggest that ultrasound scanning presents any risk to the mother or baby. When scanning we do not exceed the 20-30 min recommended maximum time for an ultrasound.

What will happen at my scan?

On arrival we will ask you to complete some paperwork and then take you through to the scan room. You will be asked to lie on the couch and tuck some tissue below your tummy so we can apply the ultrasound gel. From our teaching prospective we like to explain everything about your scan so you understand what is happening and what you are seeing all the time. You can listen to baby’s heartbeat, watch as your baby sleeps or sucks their thumb or even yawn a smile. Life in the womb is fascinating and should not be missed.

Our friendly, relaxed staff are here to ensure your experience is memorable and special. We welcome feedback so after your scan we will ask you to complete an evaluation form if you have time.

What is a 3D/4D scan?

A ultrasound scan gives you the opportunity to see your baby before it is born. An experience that cannot be missed. Our 2D/3D/4D/HD baby scans provide an amazing image using the latest ultrasound technology in a relaxed, friendly environment.

2D – black and white two dimensional image.

3D – A 3 dimensional, ‘still’ image.

4D – Adds movement to the 3D image creating a movie of your baby scan.

HD LIVE – Real time images with the latest technology to improve the texture, colour of images.

How many people can attend the scan?

Our service is all about the wonderful experience therefore we want you to invite as many people as possible to your scan. We welcome children and can seat around 4 people in our studio but there is more standing room.

Can I prepare for my scan?

In the week before your scan drinking lots of water can help clear the amniotic fluid which can produce better images.

What about re-scans?

To ensure you get the best possible service at Meet Your Miracle we will offer a free re scan (at our discretion) if during your scan we find that baby is in a poor position and no images can be obtained. There are many factors that can effect the clarity of images and these include:

– anterior (front facing) placenta

– baby has hands or feet or both over the face

– baby is head down or engaged into your pelvis

– Mum has a high BMI

– baby is tightly snuggled into mum

The experience of bonding and seeing your baby in the womb is special all on its own and some babies are very shy! Try to have a fizzy drink or a sugary sweet about 30 mins before your scan as this can often wake baby ready for your meeting.

CQC Registration

Professional Antenatal Services Ltd is registered with the Care Quality Commission to ensure we work to set guidelines and within all legislation

Can I purchase extras at my scan?

Yes! We have a selection of baby bundle packages you can choose when you arrive or at the time of your scan.

When do you take payment?

We will take a payment at your time of booking. If you cannot make the full payment at the time of booking then we can take a £20 deposit to secure your appointment.