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We have tried to answer all your possible questions below. If you still have a
question then please call or email us.

Q.What is a 3D/4D Scan?

3D Scans show still images of your baby in three dimensions where 4D scans show moving 3D imagery of your baby. Our 4D Scans allows you to meet your baby and see all their little features before they arrive into the world. We might even catch a yawn, smiles o or even eyes opening.  The experience is something extremely special that you and the whole family can treasure.

Q.Cancellation Policy

  •  Cancellations within less than 24 hours of appointment

If you need to cancel a scan within 24 hours of your appointment then your payment is lost.  This cannot be rescheduled as we would be unable to sell this space in such a short time.

  • Cancellations more than 24 hours before appointment

If you need to cancel your appointment more than 24 hours before the appointment then a refund can be made minus an admin charge of £5.

(This covers our card charges, text charges, lost sales as cannot resell and paperwork costs)

  • Rescheduling appointments 

If more than 24 hours before the appointment you wish to reschedule your appointment then this can be done at no cost providing you call and re arrange directly with the studio.

Q.What can I do before my scan?

As we always want to get the best images for you when you have your scan with us we have put a few handy tips together to help get baby in the right position on the day.
– Try to keep hydrated, aim to drink an extra 2 glasses of water per day on the week leading up to your scan.
– Also try to find some time each day to relax and gently stroke and massage your bump, it can also help to listen to some soothing music whilst doing so.
– On the day of your scan have a snack a couple of hours before you are due to arrive with us.
– It does help if you arrive a little early, have some water and a little walk just to try and wake baby up for us.

Q.When is the best time for my scan?

Reassurance – This is available from 8+ weeks in 2D (black and white).  This is also available later in pregnancy for reassurance or positioning confirmation.
Gender Scans – Available from 16+ weeks again in 2D for clarity
3D/4D Scans – Available from 12+ weeks.   Best facial images are usually achieved between 26-28 weeks
HD Live scans – Available from 12+ weeks.   Best facial images are usually achieved between 26-28 weeks

Q.Is ultrasound dangerous?

NO. Despite extensive studies in recent years, ultrasound has not been shown to cause any harm to mum or baby. Ultrasound scans have been used in pregnancy for decades and this works on the exact same principles as your 2D hospital scan with the software creating the 4D images using sound waves. Our sonographers carrying out your scans will always follow the correct guidelines to ensure the safety of you and baby.


We don’t charge any extra for scanning twins. If you would like to extend your scan then please let us know and we can arrange this for you at a small additional cost.

Q.Can I bring family/children?

We welcome family, friends and children to share your experience.  We have large scan rooms with HD projector screens.  We have seating for 6 in each studio and additional standing room.

Q.How long will my appointment last?

Your appointment will last around 1 hour from entering the studio including your scan experience (20 minutes), selecting your images and the possibility of needing a bounce on our birth ball if you baby is being shy.

Q.What if my images are no good?

We will always make every effort during the scan to get clear images of your baby, however ultimately we cannot move your baby or placenta. If for any reason, we are unable to do your scan at your appointment time we may encourage you to go for a walk and have glass of cold water to try get baby moving around. If this still doesn’t work we will offer a free re-scan, we will rearrange your appointment and try again.

Q.What if you find a problem with my baby?

We are a non diagnostic service so do not look for anomalies during the scan experience, we leave this to the NHS during your routine appointments.
We will explain everything you are seeing and engage you fully in your scan experience. If sadly we cannot see a heartbeat we will support you to contact your midwife or local NHS maternity unit.
Our sonographers and midwife sonographers have many years of experience and are fully trained to deliver the Meet your Miracle scans.

Q.Do I need a full bladder for my scan?

A full bladder is NOT necessary for our scans unless you are earlier than 12 weeks gestation.  This is because a full bladder can help to lift the uterus so it is clearer for our abdominal scans.
Transvaginal Scans
At MYM we choose not to offer transvaginal scans as they are invasive and can be provided by the NHS should they be necessary.  Our scans are available from 8 weeks abdominally.
CQC – Care Quality Commission
We are a registered provider with the Care Quality Commission, this ensures the quality of our service is of the highest standard and your safety is assured.