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Pregnancy Bump Casting

Miracle Memories Bump Casting

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Miracle Memories Belly Bowls
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Our bump cast service is available at any time in your pregnancy but we would recommend leaving it as late as possible to produce the best outcome.  Professionally trained in Germany we offer a choice of casts to include hands on bump, belly bowls and full casts. You could hang your bump in the baby nursery or we can make your bump into a bespoke bowl.  Options are endless and we love a challenge.

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Bump casting is a safe, simple process which involves laying wet laster (often used in hospitals) all over the pregnancy bump and torso around 35+ weeks. The plaster does not stain clothes and we can cast over underwear if you wish.

The bump cast can be left as it is or we can being work smoothing, plastering and decorating – it is your choice. The full process including decoration takes around 6-8 weeks, this is a professional service providing a bespoke piece of artwork.



  • Plain breast & bump cast, sealed mod roc bandage cast ready for your self decoration £69. This is a basic cast that has not been plastered.
  • Professionally finished fully plastered from the negative mould of the mod roc cast.  Full bump cast with air brush and motif decoration of your choice £199
  • Bump and hands cast. Professionally finished, plastered, air brushed and detailing ‘hands on bump’ cast fully decorated £199
  • Belly Bowl cast, decorated and ready for display £139
  • Baby Bottom under 1 year. plastered, airbrushed to your design. £139Additions
  • Belly bowl decorative stand from £35
  • Mosaic for interior of belly bowls £49
  • Mount board (airbrushed) 60x80cm with background light for bump cast from £49
  • Additional embellishments from £5

If you would like some further information or to chat about your ideas please just give us a call on: 01455 441036. Or book your appointment above (£20 deposit required)