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Our Pregnancy Calculator

Input the 1st day of your last period to check your gestation. Our pregnancy calendar will help you choose the best service available at your stage of pregnancy.



Please feel free to book your scan online or give us a call 01455 441036.
We require full payment or a deposit to secure your appointment
within 48 hours of making your booking.

All our Scan packages include a print to take home, additionally you
can purchase bundles to add on the day if you wish.

Reassurance Scan

Including a b/w print.

3D/4D Scan

Including a colour print.

Gender Scan

Including a b/w print.

HD Live

Including a colour print.

Reassurance Bundle

x4 reassurance scans
All scans include a b/w print.

Premium Scan Package

Reassurance, Gender, HD Live and a range of goodies..

Mid Week Mini

3D/4D Scan Mon to Fri between 10-4pm
Including a colour print.


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