Pregnancy Development

Pregnancy Development via a client visiting our Meet Your Miracle scan studios – Midlands
As a member of the MYM team is currently pregnant a progression of development of baby in the womb via the amazing ultrasound technology would be unmissable. For the reasons of the blog the pregnant volunteer will remain nameless to protect anonymity. Becoming pregnant is a thrill for most couples, however this time can be fraught with worry and anxiety. Even more so for any ladies that have previously suffered loss or miscarriage. The early weeks in pregnancy can be very scary. For some women nothing changes physically, all they have is the thin blue line.
MYM we decided to offer a greatly reduced reassurance bundle to provide pregnant mums the opportunity to see their baby weekly for those precious first few weeks. This is when you dont necessarily feel pregnant let alone feel their baby move. 4 individual scans for only £99 will help and support anxious pregnant mums get through the first 12 weeks with less concern. If you would be interested in purchasing a reassurance bundle or gift vouchers for a friend then please take a look further at Meet your miracle .
A question we regularly get asked is when can you see the baby? At MYM we choose to only offer abdominal scans as we are non diagnostic. If there are no problems with your pregnancy we would not recommend an unnecessary invasive transvaginal scan so early in your pregnancy. If you feel this is necessary your NHS provider will be happy to help. MYM abdominal scans can detect a pregnancy from as early as 6 weeks and actually see a baby from 7-8 weeks. This is when often we ask clients to come along to your scan with a full bladder. A full bladder helps to push up your uterus for us to get a clearer view (even though sometimes uncomfortable :-0)
What does early pregnancy development look like?
Pregnancy development is not only fascinating but does also vary from mother to mother. AS you can see below our first image was taken in 2D ultrasound as this is clearer at this stage. At only 6 weeks you can clearly see a pregnant uterus and baby. This image below at 6 weeks pregnant barely shows a baby but a definite pregnant uterus.
MYM 2D ultrasound images showing pregnancy development

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