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Miracle Memories Bump casting & Belly bowls

Miracle Memories Bump casting & Belly bowls are adventurous, interesting and create a lifelong memory. Miracle Memories professional life casting is available at both our main Miracle Memories craft studio in Coventry (69 Albany Road)  and also at our Tamworth Meet your Miracle studio on Hermitage Lane.  The services available range from baby hand and foot casting, pet casting, family casting, belly bowls and bump casting and now body casting.

Professional life casting training

We trained in Germany to become professional life casters offering a premium service to ensure your keepsakes are long lasting and memory making. Our studios are easily reachable from the East Midlands including Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Coventry and Leicestershire.

This month has seen us progress further into the development of our Belly Bowls.  These are made from a replica cast of the pregnancy tummy, shaped sanded and made strong with the use of our plasters and professional techniques.  During these few weeks following the cast being taken we have ensured the cast is dry and fully reinforced with our plaster, smoothing edges and sanding to a smooth finish to ensure decoration is easy and looks perfect.

As the main visible point of our Belly bowl will be the centre inside we have begun some mosaic work using mirror tiles to provide a flawless and dazzling finish for all to admire once the bowl is on display.  These belly bowls can be used for a number of uses to include fruit bowls, pot pourri, decoration. Providing a talking point and memory that you can treasure forever.

We recommend that the perfect time for your appointment for a Miracle Memories Belly Bowl is 38 weeks into pregnancy.  Appointments can be booked online via our Miracle Memories page: www.miraclememories.co.uk.     The appointment will last around 1 hour and we advise wearing an outfit that you don’t mind getting plaster on.  We do try our hardest not to spill it but sometimes it goes everywhere!  We require a £20 deposit to secure your appointment and look forward to making you a lifetime memory. Come along and make memories in your pregnancy.

2 comments on “Miracle Memories Bump casting & Belly bowls

  1. Jaya November 17, 2018 / Reply

    Hi I wanted to get a belly bowl made. Plz let me know it location and charges.

  2. infoserv3 March 15, 2019 / Reply

    We are based in the midlands. Call us 01455 441036

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