Belly Bowls & Bump Casting arrive at Miracle Memories

So today saw the start of our exciting new venture into Belly Bowls and bump casting at a professional level. Following our training in Germany we are ready. Many thanks to Ayesha who modelled for us today. This process is not short and requires the model to be well cared for ensuring we have a seat and water available at all times in case of feeling light headed. Ayesha allowed us to take 3 casts to ensure we have amply work to be getting on with.
I will use this blog to share our adventures along the way and hopefully successfully launch our new Miracle Memories Bump casting art across the Midlands, Birmingham, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and the UK. All our Belly Bowls and bump casting services will be available on our website over the next couple of weeks – you will also now be able t make appointments online in either of our studios.
Miracle Memories Belly Bowls

The ideal time to book your Belly Bowl or Bump cast appointment is 36+ weeks into your pregnancy to ensure you have a full pregnancy tummy. This will mean we are able to capture the best details for you. Wearing a pretty bra is also advised as this detail can be shown in the cast and offers a gorgeous design feature to your cast once finally complete. The whole casting process in our studio will take around 60 minutes. We advise you wear old clothes although we will of course provide you will protective wraps and towels. Vaseline plays a large part in the process too so make sure the bra you choose is not your favourite as this my not recover even after washing. Belly Bowls make the perfect keepsake whilst remaining disguised as a wonderful piece of art from a magical time when pregnancy was an integral part of your life. Newborns Belly Bowl photoshoots will also be available in 2018. Watch our for the #abouttobeborn package from Meet Your Miracle and Miracle Memories.

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